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The world of water has dramatically changed in the last two decades! The major reasons for this are water shortages, contamination, and a booming economy that has created a vacuum effect for the wealthy to afford any type of water that can be produced! It’s two worlds colliding – Third world countries’ desperation for clean drinking water, and wealthy countries with seemingly limitless resources to develop new forms of water extraction and quality. On Maui we understand what a sacred resource water is. From water shortages, water diversions, and ‘Show Me the Water’ bill we know that it is a limited resource that many need.

In third world countries severe poverty and new immigration nightmares have exposed an even greater water shortage problem, coupled with climate change. However, necessity is the mother of all inventions and many different forms of water sterilization are now becoming accessible. Most high-end water filters eliminate 99.95% of bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and pesticides, but what about other things like heavy metals, cysts, pharmaceuticals, and organic contaminates? Or what happens when the water supply is blown out or contaminated by a natural disaster like a hurricane, earthquake or drought? For the past two decades the water filtration industry has grown tremendously, but even with high tech systems there is no assurance against water-main breaks, natural disasters, or water poisons, up until now. 

The average humidity rate on Maui ranges from 50 – 80%, depending on the month. The purest water we could be drinking could come from the air! This idea led to the introduction of Atmospheric Water! The technology was developed in the 90’s and in 2004 converted into a size convenient for homes and offices. This portable machine with a separate air filtration system starts by filtering the air and then dehumidifies the air, extracting 99.99% of the purest form into water! After it extracts the water from the air it takes the water through several stages, including reverse osmosis, mineralization, alkalization, and even a hydrogenized process to produce high quality drinking water. You can even decide if you want it hot or cold!

Hydrogenized or hydronized water alone can create therapeutic antioxidants that end up reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals…the free radicals that are claimed to help cause cancerous cells to grow. Right now there are already thousands of families in Hawaii enjoying Atmo water and giving testimony to real results they have experienced. If you would like to learn more please go to or call 808 220-4579. Together we can live sustainably and enjoy great, healthy, drinking water. An unlimited supply of water has been all around us all along. #nodroughtallowed

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Meeting with the inventor of the atmospheric system back in 2008 was a revolution for Nathan McCottern and is where the journey began. He has worked with engineers to take the technology to smaller and lighter units ever since. He looks forward to serving all islands with this new technology. 808 220-4579


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