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There’s always that first time you can’t be there. When there’s a bully on the playground and your child comes home with that look in their eyes, or the moment when your teenager steps out with the car keys and drives away for the first time without you in the car? 

Then there’s college when they sign their first lease with the landlord. Slumlord? Or a time when you might get unjust medical charges for your child’s healthcare needs or you just need to know if you can win that custody or child support battle; being a mother has its challenges.

In the U.S., we have medical insurance for our families, yet people are up to 3 times as likely each year to end up in court than to be hospitalized. You might be in a car accident, find yourself divorcing or having to deal with restraining orders or child custody battles. You might join the 16.6 million people who have been victims of Identity theft, including your children (recent statistics show 10% of children’s identities have been compromised, check out

Last year, I found out about this great organization that’s mission is help protect people by giving them an affordable way to preempt legal costs. On July 11, 1969, Harland Stonecipher was involved in a motor vehicle accident and was hospitalized. Even though the other party was cited for fault, they filed a lawsuit against him for the accident. So Harold hired a lawyer to legally defend himself, but in doing so, depleted his life savings. He knew there must be a better way and began to research the industry of European legal expense plans. Motivated, Stonecipher created a Pre-Paid Legal plan which we know today as LegalShield.

LegalShield and ID Shield is an affordable way to insure you against future legal bills.  At the touch of an app button on your phone, you have unlimited access to legal counsel, including 24/7 emergency access to your law firm.  Included in the service, you even get your wills/guardianship papers completed so you can feel assured about who gets custody of your children in the event of your passing.

LegalShield can also help deal with issues such as fighting traffic tickets and overcharges, credit/debt negotiation and defense, IRS audit assistance, real estate deals, write letters and make calls on your behalf, civil trial defense–including up to 60 trial hours, and contract review-all at no extra charge! If you’re a mama who’s started her own small business, they also have a plan to help you with all the legal logistics tools you need to make confident business decisions. LegalShield can even BE your business if you choose!

This alternative way of looking at covering legal expenses is currently helping over 1.4 million in the U.S. today. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars an hour to an individual lawyer we can get UNLIMITED LEGAL CONSULTATION and Assistance from credited law firms in the State for less than $25 a month, plus one can have full identity theft protection for themselves and families for only $9.95-$19.95 more.

Go to to learn more and watch some great, informative videos about how LegalShield works.  You and your loved ones CAN BE PROTECTED! Wouldn’t it be nice to have peace of mind and security of knowing that you can afford legal help when you need it and that your entire family is protected against identity theft? Your family and your peace of mind deserve this.

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Justine Till is a LegalShield Associate, and Licensed Massage Therapist who lives on Maui and attended the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage. She also holds a B.A in Biology and Psychology from SUNY Purchase. She specializes in Pregnancy massage, Zen Shiatsu, Neuromuscular technique, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Sports massage, Joint-Capsule Release, and Gua Sha lymphatic drainage. She can be contacted at (203) 376-9893, or go to:


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