Alternatives to Formula

Alternatives to FormulaDear Aunty Tina, I am unable to breastfeed, but my baby is reacting badly to the regular formula. Do you know any alternatives to formula?

Yes, and this is something that I was weaned on when I was a little baby – Goat’s milk.

You need to dilute it with water, 1 parts water, 1 part goat’s milk. At this ratio it works to be about 20 calories per ounce. Goat’s milk has the closest enzymes to breast milk and also has the big advantage of containing less “allergenic” proteins than other milk. The proteins in the goat’s milk form smaller “curds” as the stomach acids bind to them, helping it to be easily digested in your baby’s tummy.

You can also purchase goat’s milk formula and soy milk formula. However, some babies have a hard time digesting the soy alternative. I would also caution you to only buy GMO free soy formula and be aware that soy is potentially estrogenic which means that it may have effects similar to estrogen. However, some people may argue against this. I suggest that you do your own research and follow your own intuition.

I hope these suggestions help with finding alternatives to formula.

Alternatives to Formula

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