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Often the work of arranging for some time away from the kids can be more stressful than being with the kids. And if we are even a tiny bit uncertain about the environment we’ve left our kids in, the worrying can totally ruin the joy of our time away. Yet, we know we are better parents and better people when we carve out time for ourselves; time for nurturing, strengthening, and connecting with other adults, other parents.

So how can we be together but apart?

All of these concerns were thrown into the cauldron as we cooked up the expansion of Wisdom Flow Studios in Pukalani.

After accessing the needs of our clients, many of which are moms, we realized we needed two studios side by side. Both are spacious and airy with beautiful views of the Haleakala foothills. The front studio hosts after school and weekend kid’s classes. The back studio hosts adult classes. We offer yoga, dance, martial arts, fitness, art, and more. We have a PlayCare program that allows parents with pre-school or home-schooled kids to come to yoga and know their kids are in safe hands right next door. It makes so much sense, and like wheels on luggage, we wonder why it took us so long to implement. We look forward to welcoming you and your little ones here where you can be together and apart. Kids can socialize away from their parent, but still have them nearby. Parents can focus on self-care and know their kids are happy next door.

We opened our new studio doors this October and hope to be in full swing by December. We have kid’s yoga, kid’s ballet, hip hop, martial arts, and visual arts classes on the schedule and more coming. We have a Saturday tandem yoga class 9-10am, where kids practice in the front studio with Neenel and parents in the back studio with Jennifer Lynn.

We all need to move and breathe and play regular to keep our life force energy (our Mana) flowing positively. Now we have the perfect space to do that, so please feel free to join us!

We are a community-funded project and our GoFundMe.com/UpcountryKidsClub campaign remains open to source our growth. We (me and you) will be installing air-conditioning in the new studio by April next year and a new spring wood floor by next summer.

It really does feel good to play and grow together.

Image Credit: Wisdom Flow Yoga

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