Aunty Tina Maui midwife

It is with a sad heart that I write that Aunty Tina’s soul left her body on March 17th 2015. She was an amazing woman, Maui mama to nine and a great leader of our birthing community. It is no understatement that she was the heart of The Mauimama. She tirelessly helped and supported so many Maui mamas and fathers, and helped guide and birth hundreds and hundreds of Maui babies into this world. My heart is heavy because I miss her, and she is no longer here for her family and loved ones, but it is even more full of light with the knowledge that I knew her and that she was a part of my life.

I know that many feel the same way about Tina as I do, and appreciate how much she helped and encouraged us. She always reminded us to trust in the natural flow and shared her wisdom on holistic healing, life experiences and birth openly. She knew how to hold space for a birthing mother and stay grounded and calm. Her immense knowledge on the birthing arts and nutrition was endless and her support for new mothers and other Midwives in training knew no bounds. I was so humbled and happy that she agreed to do the Dear Aunty Tina (midwife) column.

Tina will always be with us and her knowledge will be passed on for generations to come. On more than three occasions since her transition I have heard the words; “What would Tina do?” She was always there with an open ear ready to give advice (when needed), never judging. She encouraged trust and patience and showed such grace in the face of adversity. It is in these moments that we can pause and take what this vibrant, caring, wise woman taught and modeled for us, and use it and pass it along.

There will always be pregnant mothers seeking advice and new parents needing support and help. Please don’t stop submitting your questions. There are so many gifted Midwives on this island that the questions will be answered. Time passes, life evolves and now with the magic of the internet you will be able to find Tina’s advice online, after the launch of I am so proud to be able to share her insights with you and the rest of the world.

Tina, THANK YOU for everything that you did. You will always be in our hearts. May you rest in Peace.

Image Credit: Joanna Tano Photography

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