Maui mama baby birthing story

In early April of 2009, I experienced what I thought was my first miscarriage. I had a tremendous amount of bleeding and cramping that lasted for hours. I went to my GYNO immediately to get answers and she gave me a pregnancy test. She told me it was positive but they wanted to do an ultrasound. As I laid there, we had a look inside and there laid a beautiful little child. I asked if she could tell if I had twins or lost a child and she felt that that was very unlikely. It was a rare situation when the body has one fetus leave and the other stay.

We moved on and began my medical care. At my six month mark, I felt that I was missing something with this birth so I met with a midwife and began planning for a home birth. I loved how nurturing the home visits were and the energy exchange between my doula, my midwife and myself. My partner was also very empowered by this decision because he wanted to be very involved in the birth. Finally everything seemed to fall into place. The pregnancy was going so smoothly and beautifully.

On November 19th at midnight I began feeling contractions. I got out of bed and began swaying on my yoga ball and talking to my son. I told him I was ready to bring him in. At 4 a.m. things began to get intense so I woke up my partner and called my doula and midwife. My waters broke and by this time my waves of contractions were so strong they brought my to my knees. I could no longer focus on my breathing as much and I was not dilating very quickly.

I tried to take a walk and when I got back my midwife checked me one last time and suggested we transport to the hospital. She felt something was off because the baby’s heart rate was dropping very low during each contraction. Once again, I was confused because this was not the plan. We had everything set up at home… the birth tub, warm towels, aromatherapy oils, teas… and now I was leaving it all behind.

As we drove to the hospital, my partner and I prayed for protection over the space we would be given and a team of angels to be there to help us finish this journey. I arrived to the hospital at 10 a.m. with my doula and fought for hours through the pain while having very slow progress dilating.

My doula spoke with the head nurse to let her know that we were not going to vaccinate and there would be no circumcision or episiotomy. I was given an I.V. for fluids and had the fetal monitor checking our son’s heart rate. It was still very inconsistent and at about 4 p.m I was offered the pain medication to relax and allow my body to open up. I accepted and during that 45 minutes I laid down completely tingling and cried all my pain out. My partner held me and once again we prayed for the strength to finish this labor of love and bring in our child. The medication did exactly what it needed to do and I opened up and began pushing.

I pushed hard for over an hour and finally at 6:04 p.m Levi Asher Boyle arrived. He was a perfectly healthy baby boy weighing 6 lbs. 4 oz. and 21in. long. They brought him to my chest immediately as I had asked and we began bonding right there in the middle of the hospital…the last place I expected this to happen.
When my placenta came out, there was yet another stir that began. All of the doctors and nurses who were working in the birthing area came to check it out. The whole story was revealed. I had had twins at the beginning of my pregnancy!

One spirit had left and I knew that my intuition had been correct all along and it hadn’t just been bleeding in my first trimester. During the miscarriage, Levi’s cord had began to disengage and it reconnected to the placenta in an unusual way. He was in fact a miracle baby and I thanked the team at the hospital for supporting me and giving me the space I needed to complete the birth. Although it was not my birth plan, Levi still came and is an amazing little guy.

I encourage all laboring mamas to surrender and just allow their birth story to take place… wherever it may be.

Image Credit: Infinity Photography Hawaii

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