After School Mood Swings

After School Mood Swings

Dear Aunty Tina, After school my children’s mood swings are driving me crazy. What can I do?

I would have a good snack prepared for them ready to eat when they get home. It is amazing how this can make a difference in your child’s behavior. They may very well either be having a sugar crash, if their lunch at school was high in sugar or they may need sugar in their system if they hardly ate their lunch. Sometimes it is hard to know what they have eaten especially with all the swapping that goes on in the cafeteria.

A good snack high in protein often does the trick. Deviled eggs work great, which you could boil in the morning while making breakfast. Almond butter is also good especially on toast or celery. The seaweed sheets are great too, but stay away from salty chips as too much salt is not good for your child either. My daughter makes these great kale chips that the kids love.

Bananas and oranges are also great in balancing minerals in the body and take no time to prepare, and a simple trip to the beach at 4:30pm – sunset may also be just what they and you need.

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