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Time is precious moms. Lengthy workouts or getting to the gym aren’t always realistic. But, splitting up exercise into shorter intervals and including your child has many benefits. Your child can be a great workout partner. Try these ab exercises for moms throughout the day. It gives you few minutes here and there to burn some calories, connect with your child, and even begin to teach them words, numbers, and letters. Variations are given for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Sing whatever variation of the song you know or remember. As with all exercise programs please consult with your doctor.

Abs-olutely, “Row Row Row Your Boat”
1. Sit with legs bent and feet on floor. Place your feet, hips width apart in parallel. Child seated or lying on your hips, belly, or thigh for comfort.
2. Row back as if rowing a boat contracting your abs from the inside out. First stabilize and fire your pelvic floor, exhale to deepen a connection to the transverse abdominals, then rotate from your obliques twisting rib to opposite hip.

Baby Variation
– Lay baby against thighs so their head is supported
Preschooler Variation – Have child row with or away from you
Challenge – Lengthen legs away from you or hover feet off ground
Gentler Option – Lay on your back tummy to tummy with baby, crunching upwards

Alignment Tips
– Roll back about as far as you would onto a tag in the back of your pants
– Avoid tucking your tailbone with your back. Instead engage your abdominals to create a curve in your spin in order to safely roll back on your pelvis.
– On the way back up try not to use hip flexors or thighs to pull you up. Stay scooped and strong into your belly like you are bracing for a punch.
Singing, “Row Row Row Your Boat”
Row, row (twist right)
Row your boat (pause in center)
Gently down the stream (twist left)
Merrily, merrily, merrily,(bounce child on thighs,give kisses)
Life is but a dream (row back straight)

Image Credit: Little Love Photography

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