Mauimama front cover issue 13

The Mauimama issue 13 – Editorial

Chee! I can’t believe that The Mauimama has witnessed one whole journey around the sun already. It is pretty amazing how the time has flown by, but I guess it does that. I want to put a big shout out to everyone who has contributed, sponsored and read the Mauimama. Without your support I couldn’t get all this information out there. I know it has helped a bunch of businesses, non-profits and more importantly local mamas and papas, so I feel blessed that I have had a successful year! Yeah to serving the community!

It is funny how each month the paper took a life of its own depending on what articles were submitted, and how so often there was a synchronicity and a rhythm to these contributions. We are literally ONE!

I have met so many awesome people in our community through this little magazine and feel great that now any mama here can meet these same people, and know where to go if the need arises. Sometimes parenting can be challenging. I always find a little dose of Louis C.K and his skits on parenting and children, helps with those days (I hit You Tube after the children have finally gone to bed), and hopefully now The Mauimama can help too.

I never know what new articles are going to be submitted or what new views or experiences someone is going to share. It’s another reason I love Maui. You never know who you will meet, as the island attracts such a wide variety of people. I met a guy the other month, Joe Marshalla PhD, who came up with the concept of repeatlessness. Repeatlessness he claims, “is the true state of life and all existence”. After experiencing 5 near death experiences he had an epiphany that there are, “no two moments, no two experiences, no two anything that are ever exactly the same. Every moment is in fact fresh and new. Life is, in and of itself, a state of, Repeatlessness.”

I like this view on life especially with regards to parenting as it allows us the freedom that everything can grow, evolve and regenerate. If you have had a hard time today, tomorrow is a new fresh start where anything can happen. But, there is a rhythm and ritual to life, as some of the articles this month suggest, and just as spring goes into summer, summer will end and go into autumn this month and before we know it Christmas will be here and another birthday!

Mahalo! I hope you have enjoyed The Mauimama’s first year and continue to enjoy its evolution this coming year! It can only get BETTER!

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