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Have you ever searched the internet to find a great deal for a local business, maybe a fitness or prenatal yoga studio, how about a special promotion for a family photoshoot, plate lunch, or spa discount? I know I have! I was always searching online and when I would find a business I was looking for, I would notice I just missed a special they were running or that they’re not running any specials at this time and it would be more than I could or wanted to spend. 

As a mama of a little one, I find I’m always searching for some type of class, local business, or service and always in search of a great deal to keep living costs down. So I thought, what if I created a social Maui community. A community for women where we never miss a great local deal, sale, or free giveaway! Where there’s one place we can find it all and for the prices we can afford!

So, I would like to introduce you to Aloha Ladies Club, a free social club! Where exclusive specials for spa/beauty, fitness/yoga studios, shopping, restaurants, photography, giveaways, events, things to do, and so much more are shared! We also organize intimate wine tastings, painting classes, craft and cultural workshops, etc! It’s a wonderful way to meet other mamas and women, while having fun, saving money, and building genuine friendships and community!

In turn with helping our Aloha Ladies community find great deals, we’re also pleased to support so many businesses here on island. This last year has been tough for so many small businesses and by helping them get out to the community with our platform, we have had such amazing feedback on how we have helped them thrive, especially mama owned small businesses. We also want to help and support our non-profit community with fundraisers, luncheons, and by spreading awareness. 

We have really enjoyed building this great community of women and would love to have you join us! It’s free and all you need to do is follow us on social media and you get access to all the exclusive specials and giveaways! Also, we have more fun and exciting things in store, so make sure you don’t miss out and check us out on Instagram at @AlohaLadiesClub and also on Facebook at “Aloha Ladies Club” 

Image Credit: Shauvon Young

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Shauvon Young was born and raised in California, attended Sacramento State University as a journalism major with a minor in public relations, and has lived in several countries around the world including Czech Republic, Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia. She has years of media experience working for MTV and other media companies. In 2014 her dream came true when she moved to Maui. She later married her husband in Makena and now they have a 4-year-old girl.


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