A Great Homeschooling Option on Maui

Do you homeschool or are considering this option to educate your child? 
There are options and help on Maui, and we are lucky to have some great facilitators. I would like to use this platform to introduce you to one here. Her name is Sierra Knight. She is an educational consultant who specializes in family based education.  Sierra has worked with hundreds of children for over twenty five years, building community with families who value experiential, project based learning  that develops the whole child and fosters a healthy family.
If you are homeschooling Sierra can help your family with:

• Curriculum development, learning styles assessment,  individualized learning plans, liaison with school on record

• Small  multi-age groups that meet weekly to do a chosen project  that is thematic and integrates math, language arts, science and social studies with the creative arts

• Family activities in nature that are hands-on and inquiry based with reflective practices such as art and writing.

• Workshops for Daughters and Mothers that help develop empathetic understanding of adolescence using dream work and journal writing.

• Gardening, cooking and nutrition classes  –  Six week course based on local foods

• Individualized instruction and tutoring to reinforce skills that build confidence in the learner.

Sierra specializes in the inquiry process for discovering the world.  She addresses the multiple intelligences of each student, which includes cultivating their emotional intelligence with brain compatible learning modalities such as educational kinesiology (Brain Gym) mindfulness practices, and integrated, thematic curriculum. This teacher facilitates fun, creative and stimulating learning experiences that fit the individual learner and the style of the family. Her philosophy about learning is it is a, “lifelong adventure of discovery.” 

Sierra co-founded the first district sponsored homeschool program, that still successfully exists, in Santa Cruz, California in the 90’s.  She also developed and taught a multiage curriculum for the first parent participation charter school.  Most recently here on Maui, Sierra has worked for the organization Grow Some Good as a garden and cooking teacher in Wailuku and Kihei.  Sierra presently lives Upcountry in Makawao, is a member of the Farmer’s Union United and is an avid gardener and culinary creator.

Sierra has two current CA credentials: one in Life Sciences that has allowed her to teach Biology and the Sciences in high schools and the other in Multi Subject Education for K-12, that has been used to teach elementary and middle school.  She has a degree from UC Santa Cruz in Biology and has traveled extensively and lived in Guatemala and worked there in a rural village school.   

Sierra Knlight can help you design an educational lifestyle that fits your family’s academic, social and emotional needs. 
You can call or email her for an appointment, her first consult is free.  Contact Sierra @ 831 588 8009 or lsierraknight@yahoo.com.   
v  Starting in November a Six Week Course
v  Developing the Young Mindactivities to cultivate creative and diverse thinkers  
v  Enrollment limited to 8 students  7-9 years old


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