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If your boobs had a resume, it would indicate they have a hard time holding a job. Chances are, the breasts you’ve got today are hardly the same as the ones you had a few years back. Maybe you’ve gained or lost weight, gotten implants, or a pink ribbon. Perhaps you’re nursing. Or maybe gravity has made south your new north.

Breasts change (a lot) over our lifetime, especially after babies. Size, location, firmness, function – all this is in flux. Get a bra fitting early in pregnancy and again six weeks before your due date for a nursing bra. In fact, experts recommend a professional fitting for all women every year to keep up with breast changes.

A good bra will make your life better. Surely you’ve heard the statistic: Only two out of ten women are wearing the right bra size.

It’s no wonder! There are 200 distinct bra sizes made up of combos of band (number) and cup (letter). Department stores sell just 30 to 40 sizes. And that “secret” place only makes 36 in all. So it’s hardly your fault if you’re in the majority with a fit-fail.

Your rib cage is the key to a proper fit. The measurement in inches provides the basis for your band size. If you are petite, you may need a 28, 30 or 32. A larger woman may wear a band in the 40s or 50s. Whatever your size, it’s snugness of the band that provides 90% of the support in a bra. The breasts are lifted from below – not suspended from your shoulders.

The right band size is also key to cups that are centered on your frame properly – not sitting too wide (with straps falling off the shoulders) or too close. Your cups should line up the nipples with your knees. Horizontally, nips should perch midway between shoulder and elbow.

The cup letter refers to how far you stick out. The bra alphabet goes from AA to KK, with DD having 11 sizes above it and only five below it. It’s a moderate size bust (read that again). If you are busty, DD may be in your rearview mirror. But don’t fear the label; you’ll look and feel better in a cup that fits, whatever your bust size.

Like a haircut that flatters a square or round face, certain bra shapes will generate great proportions, while others will add pounds and years. The only way to truly appreciate the miracle of cup shape in giving you an instant, figure-flattering makeover is to see it happen in a professional fitting.

Pretty and supportive bras come in all sizes. There is something for every woman, to add to her comfort and expand her sense of femininity. Give yourself 30 minutes to get this right and a lifetime to enjoy it.
Happy New Year!

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