Asher & Isis Kiss• It started at 12:04 a.m. or so.
• It is 2:31 a.m. now. Contractions are coming every 3 minutes.
• 2:33 a.m. and it is rising & falling… she is rolling on the ball talking to the midwife. Kris is here now helping Desiree.
• 2:35 a.m. rising & now falling. “Sharp this time” she says. Desiree seems to be in & out of this place and sometime just out there lingering in front.
• These next contractions are stronger than the last ones, “It’s like little waves after each contraction. Isis is moving a little” she says.
• 2:56 a.m. strong breaths through it. The moon is beautiful, coming down with soft clouds all around.
• 3:08 a.m. she is staying low on the ball while contractions are building high and getting strong.
• 4:43 a.m. and Isis is coming out. This great gift of love with our birthing ohana.

Isis is 21 inches long and it is 11/19/11 our son Levi’s Birthday and now Isis’s Birthday. These two that once were separated are now together two years later. It all happened so fast but we fought to stay home and I was holding Desiree helping her to stay strong, “ I think I want to go check in” she says, but we helped her through four or so strong contractions, encouraging her doing all this work, that we would find out soon would all pass quickly.

When the second midwife showed up at 4:00 a.m. there were two more contractions then it was time to
check Desiree. “How much do you think you have dilated?” she asked… Desiree says, “At least four please…” The midwife says with a smile, “actually 4 + 6 – we are at 10!”

Desiree was ready to push. We felt the release of work, a kind of work that is unexplainable. Isis was ready to come out. Isis Rose blooming into this life. We tied down together for the pushing with warm towels and the midwives worked their magic. Desiree pushing down and out and soon Isis was out. We welcomed her into this world, put her up to her mama’s belly and she began looking to nurse. Isis found peace held in the soft light of love, and we all rejoiced.

Desiree and I found ourselves in the garden of life and together we planted a seed. She grew and so we did what we knew had to be done. We watered & watered and fed this beautiful seed of life. From the stars has come a new life, a beautiful girl which we named Isis Rose. As I put our son to bed tonight, he climbs into bed and it is time to get “cozy” as he says. He is 2 years old and smart and strong-minded. If you are wondering if you are loved Levi, know that you will always be loved by me, your mother and your new baby sister.

Well I think I should get some rest for who knows what tomorrow holds.
Love, Asher Boyle

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Asher Boyle is a father of two beautiful children, Levi & Isis. He loves farming and is very passionate about being an active member of a sustainable community. He can be found every Saturday at the Upcountry Market selling his organic fruits, vegetables, eggs and herbs. He loves surfing and free diving. Asher can be reached at