Anat Baniel Method

There is two more days until the first Hawaii NeuroMovement workshop is held on Maui, October 3, 2105 and on Oahu, October 4, 2015.

I have invited Anat Baniel to come and bring her workshop to Maui because her method has helped my daughter Jewel. Jewel was born prematurely, one month after I was air ambulanced to Oahu. She has complex cerebral palsy and has overcome many trials.

She received years of traditional therapy through Imua Family Services‘ early intervention and years of therapy after that. Jewel was in chronic pain and not able to make gains. When she was eleven we heard that there was a traveling Anat Baniel Method (ABM) practitioner giving NeuroMovement lessons, so we flew to Oahu to participate in an intensive. There Jewel responded to the lessons and slept through the night for the first time! Her nervous system settled and she moved in ways we had never seen before. We flew to California after and participated in an intensive at the Anat Baniel Method Center. There my daughter made more gains, she became calmer and stopped fisting. She whispered, “Thank you God.”

After Anat worked on her this is when I knew for certain that we had found our way to help Jewel.  I joined the training program so that I could help Jewel and be a blessing to my community. I want Anat to come so that other families on Maui will find out about NeuroMovement sooner than I did. There are just a few tickets left so if you work with children this is a no brainer, come and join us.

There are a few people signed up who work with the elderly demographic, for the same principles that wake up the special needs child are the same principles that keep the brain healthy and full of vitality in the aging brain. Join the neuro investors and come to our workshop.

Ticket price: $125.

Location: Maui Beach Hotel.

Time: 9am-5pm.

Registration is at 8:15am. Please dress for movement and in layers for the AC may be cold, bring socks and a towel.  Bring your eyeglass case, NO essential oils or perfumes please, and unfortunately no child care provided.

Thank you, Ivana Gadient (Jewel’s mom)


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