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Constant Baller!
I had never really experienced my full range of emotions and hormones until I got pregnant. I literally DID cry at the puppies in the toilet roll commercials or if someone pulled out in front of me whilst driving. These hormones still partied while breastfeeding, and it wasn’t until a few months after stopping that I started to feel back to normal? I had to remind girlfriends and myself that when we over reacted to situations or partners it was probably the hormones talking!

This could be potentially very embarrassing and could come without warning from both ends. Again due to hormones, progesterone to be exact, a hormone that relaxes smooth muscle tissue throughout your body, including, your gastrointestinal tract. Later on in pregnancy the growing uterus pushes on your stomach and again… pop goes that weasel. Coincide that with the pressure on your bladder- bodily functions become prominent and outings need to be strategically planned around locations of rest rooms!

Bionic sense of smell!
During pregnancy I could smell everything amazingly well from the good to the bad. Gourmet food never smelt so good but some stenches like smelly socks, vetiver essential oil or fish went straight to the stomach and made me want to hurl. Hormones are again to blame for this.

Growing feet!
I never knew that my feet would grow. Shoes that I had before pregnancy no longer fit. I could understand this whilst pregnant as everything grew, but they stayed bigger. With each birth my feet grew half a size so now I am a whole size bigger! Apparently this is due to your pregnant body producing the hormone relaxin, whose job is to loosen your pelvic ligaments and joints but also relaxes the ligaments in your feet, allowing the bones to separate a little. This with your increased weight puts more pressure on your foot arches, causing them to fall, making your feet grow.

The Twins!
Or that is what I called them. Be prepared to go brazier shopping as those puppies will grow a cup or two and won’t go back down-and then some- until you finish breastfeeding. They will often be sore or sensitive and the sensation of breastfeeding may take your breath away at the beginning. I always found a big inhale helped.

Couvade Syndrome!
Yes, that is the fancy term for your partner packing on the pounds with you. Whether this is due to you cooking more food, or wanting to stay at home and becoming less active, I don’t know. Some say it is psychosomatic. Either way, it can be harder for them to shed as they are not unloading most of it with a baby!

Image Credit: Infinity Photography Hawaii

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