steps towards getting new job

A key to finding your next job is to keep your job search as organized as possible and stay positive. Here are 6 steps to help make the process easier:

STEP 1: Locating the Job

This can be the biggest challenge. The most resourceful way of locating open jobs is online. It is important that you look for some detailed information in the job announcement with special emphasis on:

Qualifications – Make sure that you have all of the qualifications listed for the job before you apply.

Job requirements – Make sure that you have all of the job requirements listed for the job before you apply.

Identify if the position has a “License Requirement”- make sure that at the time of applying for the position that you possess all of the licenses and requirements.

Application deadline – Some jobs are on a continual recruitment while some have a deadline. Note that all applications submitted after a deadline will not be considered.

Searching for jobs online and using several websites is highly encouraged. Here are a few job web search engines that I recommend:

STEP 2: Apply online or in person 

Do not sabotage your chances of getting your next job! Make sure you provide all of the documents that are mentioned in the job announcement. Unfortunately about 30% of people applying for jobs fail to make sure their applications are complete. A resume is more often than not also a required item. The purpose of the resume is to help you get an interview and it is recommended to change your resume to highlight the characteristics of the job you are applying for. Also remember to do a follow-up phone call or revisit the website to ensure all of the documents you attached to your application is complete.

Step 3: Track the jobs you are applying for

Get a notebook and/or open a page on the computer to track the job(s) that you are interested in. Some of the major reasons for tracking the information of the jobs you applied for allows you to be able to do follow-up, ensure you don’t apply for the same job more than once, and track your job search efforts. I would suggest using the following items as a minimum: Date applied, Employer name, Telephone number, Job title, Job number, Salary, Website and where job information was found and a Two week follow-up.

Step 4: Interview

Making it to the interview phase means that you are one step closer to your new job. As with all things it is best to practice answering questions in an interview format before sitting through the real deal. is a great website that will allow you to practice.

Step 5: Receive the job offer

According to Human Resources expert Susan M. Heathfield, a job offer is an invitation for a potential employee, whether he or she has applied for a job, or not, to become an employee in an organization. The job offer contains the details of your employment offer. The initial job offer may be extended verbally, but most employers follow up with a written job offer that may take the form of a job offer letter or an employment contract.

Step 6: Congratulations! Arrive at the work location and begin contributing!

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Ralph Thomas is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant. Currently he is the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Specialist for the County of Maui. In his current position he enjoys focusing on areas within his scope of responsibility that can have the greatest positive impact on the community as a whole, because a healthy community lays the foundation for healthy and productive employees. Ralph lives in Kihei with his fiancée Jackie Shepherd and they have two sons that live in Sacramento, California, ages 28 and 20 from Ralph’s previous marriage.


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