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In 2003, in my early 20’s I had read a book by a brilliant feminist named Inga Muscio. It was the first time I had ever heard about a menstrual cup and it fully sparked my interest.

The first cup I purchased was called ‘The Keeper’. They, like most companies I have researched, offer their cups in two sizes: one for before you’ve had a vaginal birth and one for after. So simple. The first month I used the cup was a little awkward, but the second month was a breeze. I have now been using a menstrual (moon) cup now for fifteen years without ever having to buy another box of tampons!

Whether you have considered using one for a while and are still on the fence (ouch!) or never heard of them until now, I urge you to read this list and then go get a menstrual cup for yourself! 

1. Health/Safety Tampons often have synthetic fibers and chemicals that help to breed bacteria associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome and can throw off the PH of the vagina. Glyphosate and other chemicals have also been found in 85% of cotton tampons which lead to exposure concerns: cancer, reproductive harm, hormone disruption, and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

2. Cost/Time Tampons may only end up costing between $60-$100 a year, but add that up over 10 years and you are nearing $1000. A cup can cost between $15 -$40, and you only have to buy one once every 3-5 years, if kept properly. At five years that’s about 30 hours of time saved, not going to the store regularly and more than $450 saved!

3. Convenience As long as you know where your moon cup is, you’re covered. No need to fill your bag with hopefully enough tampons for the day either! The cup can be worn for up to 12 hours. And there is way less mess with the cup than with tampons too, Bonus!

4. Environment Imagine the amount of tampons used in a year… all the cotton, applicators (plastic or cardboard), wraps, and boxes they come in. It piles up and ends in the landfill. In fifteen years, I’m on my third cup, next to no waste. 

5. Empowering Originally created by a group of midwives in 1932, every woman I have known who uses a moon cup feels a new sense of empowerment and control in their moon cycle. I believe that using a moon cup brings you into closer relationship with yourself and your body. And the ease and cleanliness makes having your period feel so much better.

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