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As a business owner with limited resources and time, capturing market share and generating revenue in any space takes time, and that goes double for online. While social media allows you to “connect” in quantity, quality is still KING in converting and monetizing your audience. Just because someone engages online or responds to a mass email does not mean they are serious about you, your business, products or services. And in the world of online marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in a toxic cycle with those who you view as potential clients. When it comes to sales, we all know that customers require your attention, focus and your trust, and that’s why it’s equally as important to view these relationships as partnerships that encourage mutual reciprocity versus a one-sided chase. 

So how do you identify authentic opportunities in a sea of likes and followers? 

I’ve worked with hundreds of female entrepreneurs and this is not an uncommon pain-point. The solution? Focus on your priorities and prepare yourself for the sale. The purpose of marketing is to share the RIGHT information that attracts people who will eventually invest in you and your services. And when your marketing efforts are successful and your ideal client falls into your lap, make sure you’re ready for them. Ask yourself if you can produce at the level you promised and be serious about it. The transition from curious to serious is a moment of truth and where many business owners miss or jeopardize opportunities due to broken processes. Capturing someone’s attention through marketing is half the battle, following through is where the true work of sales begins.

That’s why I support and believe in a three-part sales process that simplifies your approach and can help guarantee success. It provides for a full scope of the client relationship from beginning to end that includes prospecting, approach, preparation, presentation, handling objections, closing and maintenance. It’s imperative to have these in place so that you can capture and convert the lead when it’s hot. If you don’t have your sales tools streamlined, you may lose buyer interest and, eventually, the sell. 

Here are the Sales Tools I support:

1. Sales Collateral

2. Processes 

3. Systems

Sales collateral is informative material that helps move prospective clients through the stages of the sales process, including proposals and contracts. The sales process are the steps a salesperson takes a potential buyer through from the point of interest to the close of transaction. This is where sales skills are really tested and why hiring an actual salesperson is important. The system is comprised of the tools used to get the job done; a combination of the actual work behind it, internal and external communication and where support comes in clutch.

Follow these steps, simplify your structure, and watch as your vision unfolds. Create a sales structure to save on time, money and resources. And ask yourself, “How do I plan to restructure my online marketing strategy to get the best results possible?” 

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