Mauimama front cover issue 5

Well we are finally here, the year 2012 and as R.E M so elegantly stated it may be the end of the world as we know it! With the Mayan Prophecy looming who knows what might happen this year. Some people are convinced beings from another planet will come down and change the way we see the world forever. Some say they already have been trying to communicate with us for decades. Check out the movie ‘Thrive’.

Others say the Mayans were predicting global collapse triggered by natural disasters. ‘They’ say this already started last year with the four big earthquakes that created devastation in Haiti, Japan, Chile and New Zealand. ‘They’ could be on to something. As a parent, it is hard to conceive the end when life has just began. Personally I’m rooting for the paradigm shift option. But one thing I have noticed lately is the accelerated concept of time.

Now some say this acceleration of time is because we are getting older. A wise guy discovered this is down to the theory of relativity, which makes perfect sense, but I’m not convinced. It can’t be going by this fast! ‘They’ say the earthquakes disturbed the earth’s axis causing the world to spin faster. Plausible I guess… What ever it is, time seems to be going faster and faster, and some days I struggle to keep up. There are times when half the day has gone already, and I swear it should only be 9am. Having children does seem to expedite this, and could totally be the reason too, as every minute of the day can often be filled. I learned early on when my boys were babies that I had to give myself an extra 15 minutes to get ready for anything so not to be late, or try not to be late…But what is up with starting school at 7.45am? Seriously who thought of that? It makes home schooling seem appealing!

So rather than spend time figuring out why time is slipping by so fast I have tried to beat the clock. I always try and leave a pair of shoes for the boys in the car, therefore, I always know where I can find some rather than spending 10 minutes trying to find matching slippers. Whenever I take a shower, I try and scrub down the walls too to clean two birds with one soap. Making school lunch the night before helps with the mad rush in the morning, as does putting out clothes.

And finally leaving a hair band around my wrist has saved so much time when I used to always be trying to find one. Why are they so hard to find? Where do they go? Sometimes this is a more pressing question than when will the world end?

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