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When I was young and scared, I brought my first child into the world. My pregnancy had not gone without issue. First there had been the terrible unrelenting nausea until 27 weeks. Next there was the equally scared boyfriend. Add life’s stresses to that mix and you have a recipe for trouble. At 29+ weeks my pre-eclampsia shot through the roof and I was raced to the hospital where they made the necessary and swift decision to deliver my baby girl that night by cesarean. Jade weighed 3.3 pounds. She squealed and squawked, and they took her away to Oahu. I did not get to see and hold my first child until she was a week old. Bonding was tough. On the flip side though, we were both alive, Maui memorial saved us late on a Sunday night, and my baby is now a healthy 10 year old straight A student.

Three years later, I was happily married to a wonderful man who had proven himself to be a great daddy, and so we brought Lily into our lives. The constant nausea was worse, but I got through it. She was born by elective Cesarean on Oahu due to fear for a VABC. She weighed 6 pounds even at 36 weeks, had a healthy cry, hit the ground running, and has never stopped. The recovery was tougher than the first time, and I knew there had to be a better way for me.

5 years later, in waltzed little Logan Kapono. The sickness was the worst out of the 3, and in order for us both to stay alive happily, I resorted to a pregnancy long prescription of Zophran. Please look it up if you or someone you know is suffering. It has been used in Europe for 25 years with no adverse effects reported for the mama or the baby. I remembered wanting a different birth experience, and opted to stay on Oahu for almost a month in order to have him at Queens. My little 5.12 pound baby boy was born by my own strength and sheer will after only a 7 hour hard labor. He had thick meconium in his waters, and the chord was wrapped 4 times tightly around his little neck with a true knot in it. He didn’t care one bit about any of that and was placed right on my chest where he belonged after only a few minutes. He is healthy and happy just like my c-section babies.

Although how your baby comes into the world really does make a difference in my opinion, as long as both you and they are healthy afterwards, and you did the best thing for you in that moment, than don’t beat yourself up over c-sections. When you can, make your choice wisely after educating yourself about what is right for you and your baby, but sometimes that choice is taken from you, and you must be flexible. Be a warrior for your personal happiness surrounding your birth. A VBAC is a safe option for most mothers and babies, and offers a great deal of emotional healing when needed from a traumatic Cesarean.

Please write to Maui Memorial asking that they reinstate a positive VBAC policy.

Happy birthing!

Image Credit: Joei Tyra

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Joei Tyra is a Maui mama of 3 wonderful Keiki. She homeschools and spends her time between Hawaii and Oklahoma where she has founded two homeschool associations. When in Maui she spends her time with her kids and as a homeschooling consultant. To reach Joei you may email her thetyrafafamily@gmail.com.