This African Life

Join Lisa Morrison (Maui mama) in welcoming Jill Devore from Medicine for Mali, as we discuss the current conditions for villagers featured in the documentary, “This African Life”.

“I shot this on location in the early 2000s and am thrilled to have a chance to share it with the Maui community.” Lisa Morrison (Producer & Director).

The screening will be on Sunday, January 24th 6-8pm, in the cafeteria at Maui Waena Intermediate, the school where Lisa teaches, and is free and open to the public. Please share far and wide with anyone who may be interested.

About the film: This is the story of a little girl with dreams big enough for a whole country. A true tale told through the eyes of Sokona Keita, who reveals the harsh realities of life in a West African village, even as she expresses optimism for her future. Nana Kenieba has a school and a clean well, and that makes it better off than most villages in Mali. Sokona takes the viewer on an inside tour of her town and the lives of the women and children who struggle with daily survival.

Q&A after the film with the director and Jill Devore, Vice President of Medicene for Mali

For more information about how you can support aid to Mali go to

Maui Waene Intermediate: 795 Onehee Ave., Kahului


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