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10 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Pregnant Mamas:

1. Two Words – Body Pillow.

2. A Journal or Calendar so she can write down the first kick, hiccup and hearing of a heartbeat and then later the first time her baby sits up, crawls, walks, says, “mama” etc… (*The We’Moon Calendar (highlights the moon cycle) is a beautiful gift and can be found at the Dragon’s Den in Makawao).

3. A Good Belly Rub, oil, butter or lotion to help prevent stretch marks. A local Maui mama and mompreneur makes the great Belly Bum Balm that can be found at Mana, Down to Earth and The Dragen’s Den. This great salve is made from Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Calendula, Red Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile, Lavender, Essential Oils of Rose, Lavender and Orange.

4. Pedicure Gift Certificate – for those hard to reach toes. This is a nice gift that you may want offer yourself to avoid your pregnant friend being exposed to all those salon chemicals, especially toluene, formaldehyde and dibuytl phthalate(DBP)…yes we have all smelled it. You can buy less toxic nail polish such as Vapour Organic Beauty, RGB Cosmetics, Scotch Naturals, Kure Bazaar, Acquarella (Water based and odorless), Spa Ritual (uses principles of color therapy) and/or Mineral Fusion.

5. A Plaster Belly Cast kit. You can find them on Amazon or make up a basket with materials. You need plaster gauze strips (can find at Ben Franklin), lubricant (a natural oil), and a drop cloth (a clear shower curtain – Kmart often has them in stock) works well and can also be used at a later date during a home birth or when her baby is learning to eat in a high chair – works great in protecting the floor and easy clean up.

6. Pre-Natal Massage Gift Certificate (Mompreneur Lisa Makana of Lomi Hapai is amazing!).

7. A Sapling Fruit Tree that she can plant in the garden and will grow up with her child and give back healthy treats.

8. A Belly Band that will help support her growing belly and then help her body heal and bounce back after giving birth.

9. A Gift Certificate for Cleaning the House. Whether it is by you or a professional green cleaning service this may be a life saver later on in her pregnancy or reserved for after her baby is born.

10. And finally if you have the moolah a Professional Photography Session to capture her in her beautiful pregnant body. There are great deals, especially this time of year. Not only is this a great keepsake for her to reflect back on but the photographs will also make a great gift one day for the baby when they are all grown up. See photo above.

Image Credit: Cadencia Photography

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