Reclined breastfeeding position

Have You Tried the Reclined Breastfeeding Position?

With Breastfeeding Awareness Month this August are you aware of the reclined breastfeeding position? The many benefits to this more comfortable and...
maui mama pregnant

6 Things No-one Told Me Before I Became Pregnant

Constant Baller! I had never really experienced my full range of emotions and hormones until I got pregnant. I literally DID cry at the puppies...
classes Maui Parenting

Free Maui Summer Classes: Pregnancy – Parenthood

Maui Sage Life is introducing new classes this summer to inspire and guide families throughout pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. Each class and group is...

My Birth Vision Part I (Power of Intent)

The beauty of birth is that it is unique for each woman in both vision and actuality. My intentions were to have a natural...
Restoring Pelvic Childbirth

Restoring Pelvic Health After Childbirth

Regardless if a baby was born vaginally or by cesarean, the pelvic bowl that once supported the growing baby has changed. These...
labor on beach tips for labor

10 Centimeters, 11 Tips

11 tips to how to navigate your labor effectively.
Pregnancy and making love

Pregnancy & Making Love

Most every expectant couple wonders,“Is it O.K. to make love while we’re pregnant?” For the most part the answer is yes, absolutely. Babies are...

The Birth of Kekoa Kai Hakes

On the evening of October 30th, I began my labor with our fourth child, but because I absolutely refused to give birth on Halloween the labor stopped! Now it is two weeks later at 19:30pm on November 14th.
birth story mauimama

Amelia Benton’s Birth Story

The bright glow of the full moon had passed behind the quiet Hale Mahina in the distant west. The twinkle of the...
Mauimama Awakened Reflections

Creating an Inner Restorative Place

How to develop the ‘Nurturing Place’ to benefit your mind and body during pregnancy.
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