Hawaii Newborn Oahu

Birth Story – The LONGEST Elevator Ride EVER!

Trace and I had sex Sunday night. I knew we probably shouldn’t because it may kick start my labor, but I successfully convinced him....
home birth Maui birthing story

Every Mama’s Birth Story is Legend: Here’s Mine, Part I

It was 20 days past our ‘due date.’ My husband Jason and I were at the end of our prescribed 3 days of alone...
Water birth home

Birthing Story: My Daughter of the Moon

After months of anticipation I walked in the big glass hospital doors to the Birth unit. This was the day I had been dreaming...
surrogacy Hawaii

Giving the Gift of Life to Another Family

Bringing new life into the world is an unforgettable experience. Providing that precious gift to another family through surrogacy is one of...
Closing the bones

Closing of the Bones Ceremony

Most traditional, indigenous cultures are taught that as communities we have the responsibility to care for new mamas and in effect also care for...

Birth Story – Every Moment Was Worth It!

I found out that I was pregnant four days after my husband and I got married. This was the best wedding gift ever! However,...
Maui mama pregnancy

Dear Baby

A Maui Mama’s letter to her unborn child who is soon to be born.

What is The Childbearing Year?

Each menstrual cycle a woman’s body prepares for a possible conception. If she conceives, her childbearing year has begun! Each phase of pregnancy, and...
Postpartum care community

Revillaging the Postpartum

“Postpartum” is the time following a pregnancy. It is not a syndrome. It can last from six weeks, to all of life...
SUI bladder postpartum

How not to Pee your Pants when Laughing!

Ladies, leaking urine while laughing, coughing, sneezing and exercising isn’t normal and shouldn’t be brushed off as part of life. There is a way...
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