Elective C-Section to Homebirth

It’s a little strange for me to say I actually ‘wanted’ a C-Section. Of course that was before I realized how long the...
homebirth Maui Eli-Shai

Birth the Second Time Around

They say the second labor experience is often faster than the first, and boy were they right! Eli-Shai was big, and we were unsure of...
Maui mama baby birthing story

Allowing Birth to Happen…Wherever it May Be

In early April of 2009, I experienced what I thought was my first miscarriage. I had a tremendous amount of bleeding and cramping that...

A Birth Story through the Eyes of a Dad

The actual journaling of a Maui father during the birth of his daughter Isis Rose
hospital birth Maui birthing story

Second Time’s a Charm

It began in Park City, Utah, a family reunion of sorts, to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. My 18 month old daughter, Emily, navigated her...
birthing story spiritual growth

Spiritual Growth Through Birth

I’ve birthed three children and for me (in addition to all the amazing aspects of it), birth is an opportunity for spiritual growth. My...
home birth Maui newborn

Birthing A Star

It was August 10th, 2009, two days before the due-date of my second child. After seeing a movie in Kahului with my Husband Paul,...
hospital birth Maui birthing story

How Prenatal Yoga Helped Me Throughout Pregnancy and Birth

I was in a semi-private hospital room snuggling with my newborn daughter when the first in a series of curious nurses popped her head...
VBAC maui cesarean

2 Cesareans & a VBAC later!

When I was young and scared, I brought my first child into the world. My pregnancy had not gone without issue. First there had...
driveway delivery home birth

Driveway Delivery

It was 2 days before my due date and I woke up in the middle of the night with slight contractions. I got up...
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