Maui pregnant prenatal yoga

Open Up Wide and I Don’t Mean Your Legs!

It is amazing how little I knew about the intricacies of giving birth, until I got pregnant. In the movies the woman are either...
pregnancy heartburn solutions

Heartburn during Pregnancy

Oh, that chest burn that just won’t go away; what a drag for pregnant moms... Heartburn can plague a pregnancy. In our years as...

The Birth of Kekoa Kai Hakes

On the evening of October 30th, I began my labor with our fourth child, but because I absolutely refused to give birth on Halloween the labor stopped! Now it is two weeks later at 19:30pm on November 14th.
SUI bladder postpartum

How not to Pee your Pants when Laughing!

Ladies, leaking urine while laughing, coughing, sneezing and exercising isn’t normal and shouldn’t be brushed off as part of life. There is a way...
Home birth story

A Birthing Story ~ Stormy Days & Early Births

Every woman’s birth transforms her to the deepest of her core. It rocks her out of this world and into a deep inner space....
stretch marks solution

A Maui Mama’s Stretch Mark Solution

A local mother makes a balm to help prevent stretch marks with the aid from Calendula extract.
Pregnancy and making love

Pregnancy & Making Love

Most every expectant couple wonders,“Is it O.K. to make love while we’re pregnant?” For the most part the answer is yes, absolutely. Babies are...

My Birth Vision Part I (Power of Intent)

The beauty of birth is that it is unique for each woman in both vision and actuality. My intentions were to have a natural...
classes Maui Parenting

Free Maui Summer Classes: Pregnancy – Parenthood

Maui Sage Life is introducing new classes this summer to inspire and guide families throughout pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. Each class and group is...
Birth story Kelly King

Birthing Story ~ On My Daughter’s Birth-day

On my daughter’s 33rd birthday, the memories are still vivid. At 26 years young, I was the first of five siblings and most of...
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