Home birth photo

Ellee Moon Rising ~ Home Birth Story

An unmedicated home birth is what I wanted. I believe it’s what my soul needed after conceiving via IVF and having been loaded with...
postpartum sexuality

Blossoming After Birth ~ Awakening Your Sexuality

The journey of childbearing is one of the most transformative processes, we as women will go through. It catalyzes radical change in every aspect...
Smoking pregnant shaka baby

Womb Ecology ~ Conscious Pregnancy

Six years ago Oahu hosted the Mid-Pacific Conference on Birth and Primal Health Research with Michel Odent spear heading what he called the Honolulu...
Birth story Kelly King

Birthing Story ~ On My Daughter’s Birth-day

On my daughter’s 33rd birthday, the memories are still vivid. At 26 years young, I was the first of five siblings and most of...
Pregnancy and making love

Pregnancy & Making Love

Most every expectant couple wonders,“Is it O.K. to make love while we’re pregnant?” For the most part the answer is yes, absolutely. Babies are...
Home birth story

A Birthing Story ~ Stormy Days & Early Births

Every woman’s birth transforms her to the deepest of her core. It rocks her out of this world and into a deep inner space....
SUI bladder postpartum

How not to Pee your Pants when Laughing!

Ladies, leaking urine while laughing, coughing, sneezing and exercising isn’t normal and shouldn’t be brushed off as part of life. There is a way...
classes Maui Parenting

Free Maui Summer Classes: Pregnancy – Parenthood

Maui Sage Life is introducing new classes this summer to inspire and guide families throughout pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. Each class and group is...
pregnancy heartburn solutions

Heartburn during Pregnancy

Oh, that chest burn that just won’t go away; what a drag for pregnant moms... Heartburn can plague a pregnancy. In our years as...
Closing the bones

Closing of the Bones Ceremony

Most traditional, indigenous cultures are taught that as communities we have the responsibility to care for new mamas and in effect also care for...
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