Parenting communication be nice

Be Mindful when you say “Be Nice”

This article is a way for me to express my comments regarding, what I believe, to be one of the most misused words in...


Often I hear parents say, “She is not listening.” I say, “Of course she is hearing you. Perhaps though she is focused on an...
motherhood surgery resilience

The True Resilience in My Maui Child

Being a parent of a toddler can be a rewarding and challenging stage in any parent’s life. To be a parent of a temporarily...
parenting advice emotions


Get out your dictionary and thesaurus. Look up emotions, feelings, and sensations and... surprise, each one is defined by the other! What is a parent...
parenting tips Mauimama

4 Great Tips for Parenting in the World of Go-Go-Go

The alarm sounds and your day begins. It’s another busy one with work, errands, dentist appointments, play dates, grocery store visits and chores at...
family practice versus pediatrician

Choosing a Maui Pediatrician or Family Practice

As I write this, I am in route to the American Academy of Pediatrics National conference in San Francisco. I will spend four days...
organize family simple

Organize! Make Family Life Easier!

There is a trend sweeping the nation, which goes against everything our culture has glamorized and strived to maintain for at least the last...
single parenting mom

You Are Enough!

Dear Single Mom, You are enough.  You’ve tried dating. You’ve even had a new significant relationship, even if it ended in more disappointment. You worry that...
sibling dynamics

Sibling Dynamics Shape us Too!

We often hear how much our parents shape us, but the ways our siblings relate to and influence us can be just as profound.  For...
parenting emotions teaching

Parenting ~ It is Okay to Feel Sad and Angry Emotions

For many past months, I have been mulling over what I believe is the prime error in our culture, an error that creates an...
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