parenting emotions teaching

Parenting ~ It is Okay to Feel Sad and Angry Emotions

For many past months, I have been mulling over what I believe is the prime error in our culture, an error that creates an...
Tax tips for mothers

Tax Tips Every Mama Should Know

It’s tax time again. Somehow filing your income tax return sneaks up on you, but now is the time to start gathering receipts and...
choosing child care

Keys to Choosing the Right Child Care for YOU

Being busy, concerned parents we want to insure that those who care for our children provide a safe, nurturing environment where our child has...
Paris attack

How to Respond to our Children during World Tragedies

The Mauimama received an email from Maui mama Angeline Chew Longshore. She wanted to share an email she had received from her teacher at Haleakala Waldorf...
Legalshield help support

LegalShield – An Affordable Option for Legal Services

There’s always that first time you can’t be there. When there’s a bully on the playground and your child comes home with that look...
pono parenting system

Parenting Using the Pono System

A few months ago my gal pal and I took our kids hiking through Makawao forest. Along the way we bumped into another mom...
NVC for the next generation

NVC for the Next Generation

“Where’s my phone?”  My 5-year old son has it, again!!  Urgh!  I’m angry, and still I try to be nice, as I put my...
juvenile Life insurance

Juvenile life Insurance – The Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

What did you buy your child or grandchild for their last birthday or Christmas? Was it the newest game console, a smartphone, or an...
Family Hui Maui

Family Hui Starting Groups in August

“It takes a Hui to raise a child”… so the saying goes amongst many families who have been part of Family Hui. We are...
Whooping cough

Whooping Cough Facts

First let me say that this is not an article to debate the vaccination issue but is rather an article to answer some questions...
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