juvenile Life insurance

Juvenile life Insurance – The Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

What did you buy your child or grandchild for their last birthday or Christmas? Was it the newest game console, a smartphone, or an...
Family Hui Maui

Family Hui Starting Groups in August

“It takes a Hui to raise a child”… so the saying goes amongst many families who have been part of Family Hui. We are...
Whooping cough

Whooping Cough Facts

First let me say that this is not an article to debate the vaccination issue but is rather an article to answer some questions...
Summer madness vacation

Definition of Summer Madness

Summertime... So much comes to mind. Living on Maui I have always looked forward to consistent trade winds and staying busy at work, both...
Obenauf Law Group Hawaii Law

Estate Planning – The Digital Afterlife

With everything going online these days (even The Mauimama), last month we taught a class on “digital assets” for the kupuna at Kaunoa Senior...
Breastfeeding latching problems

Unexpected Breastfeeding Obstacles

When I gave birth to my son, I was 22 and entirely naïve about having a baby. This served me well in some ways,...
Maui dad blog interview

Father’s Day Reflections from Maui Dad

I’ve entered a stage in my life where I’ve celebrated Father’s Day from both sides, as a son honoring my own father, and for...
child development biting behavior

What Does it Mean When Your Child Bites?

Biting behavior in young children can cause concern for parents and child caregivers. Almost all children bite at one time, but most children will...
kids age appropriate chores

Age Appropriate Chores

It wasn’t until this Mother’s Day, just gone, that I realized that my six year old could wash the dishes! I heard the water...
tantrum solutions child behavior

How to deal with Tantrums

How to deal with Tantrums - Some children are definitely born with more fire in their bellies than others and others are definitely more...
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