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Flying with Little Ones

Dear Aunty Tina, I am getting ready to fly to the mainland with my 6 month old and 2 year old daughter, without my...
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Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

Dear Aunty Tina, My husband is not thrilled with the arrangement of having our baby sleep in our bed. What can I do to...
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Getting Ready for Two

Dear Aunty Tina, I am getting ready to have my second child and am a little concerned with how I will be able to...
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Getting Off Easy On Game Day!

Fathers-to-be, imagine all the love in the universe compressed into an object the size of a football. Imagine yourself holding this football to your...

A Birth Story through the Eyes of a Dad

The actual journaling of a Maui father during the birth of his daughter Isis Rose
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Pregnant and Splitting from my Boyfriend

Dear Aunty Tina, I am pregnant and splitting from my boyfriend. Do you have any words of wisdom? Yes! Get yourself a good support person...
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What Daddies should Expect Postpartum

Dear Aunty Tina, I’m going to be a new dad. I’ve been attending the birthing classes but want to know what I should expect...
Maui pregnancy Maternity facts

Hawaii Pregnancy and Maternity Leave Facts:

Hawaii Pregnancy and Maternity Leave Facts: • All women who work in Hawaii have a right to take maternity leave while ‘disabled’ by pregnancy or...
Forgiveness ho'oponopono parents

So you Think you Forgive your Parents?

In order to move on with our lives we need to forgive. How many times have we heard that and how many times have...
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