Often I hear parents say, “She is not listening.” I say, “Of course she is hearing you. Perhaps though she is focused on an...
Gender Pay Equity Maui

Gender Pay Equity in Maui County

Gender Pay Equity is nothing new, women who work full time, year round in the U.S. are typically paid just 80 cents for every...
Parenting communication be nice

Be Mindful when you say “Be Nice”

This article is a way for me to express my comments regarding, what I believe, to be one of the most misused words in...
small business thrive

“The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”

The what? Most people refer to this as Trump’s Tax Plan.  Love him or hate him, he was able to pass the most revolutionary...
Parenting loneliness Miriam Trahan

Beautiful Unraveling

What new parents move house with a 6-week-old baby to a remote area far from family? Besides the pioneers. You can’t see me, but...
mortgage early maui

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

You have diligently saved up, or got some assistance with a down payment and are ready to get out of the rental...
summer kids things to do

5 Things Your Kids Should Do This Summer

Every year we have the best intentions for summer with the kids—lazy days, sandy toes, maybe the perfect family trip—but more often than not,...
mortgage early maui

You Can Own a Home on Maui

This is a bold statement… YOU can own a home on Maui!! I know. I know. Listening to statistics such...
Journaling parenting healing

Process and Heal your Old Stories

When I talk with parents in my practice, I often use the airplane safety instructions metaphor: We have to put on our air masks...
work harassment legal

Discrimination & Sexual Harassment: Know the Process

Before a new employee begins work, they normally go through an on-boarding process with the intent to cover general laws and provide guidance for...
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