Jaborandi homeopathic ABC

J is for Jaborandi

Jaborandi is the tenth letter of the alphabet in our series of ABC’s of homeopathy for Mauimama magazine. Jab. is the abbreviation used in...
juicing benefits

The Wonders of Juicing

Are you juicing everyday? Spring is the perfect time to start eating all the gifts that Mother Nature has provided in an easy, delicious,...
walking benefits

The Benefits of Walking

Walking is seriously one of the easiest exercises we can do. It doesn’t require any equipment or special gear. All it requires is a...
Organic spray tan Maui

Busy Mamas Deserve to Glow!

A luxury salon experience with the convenience of delivery? Yes please. Sign me up! As moms we have busy schedules, but indulging in some me-time...
Ipecacuanha homeopathic

I is for Ipecacuanha

Ipecacuanha is the ninth letter in our series ABC’s of Homeopathy for The Mauimama. Ipecacuanha’s abbreviation is Ip. Ipecacuanha is made from the dried root...
Vegan Thanksgiving

Vegan Thanksgiving Risotto

Thanksgiving is a day to contemplate and practice gratitude. Gratitude is all about celebrating and appreciating the good things in your life. However, there...
Benefits Hypercium Perfoliatum

H is for Hypericum Perfoliatum

Hypericum Perfoliatum is our 8th letter of the alphabet in our series of ABC’s of homeopathy for Mauimama magazine. Hypericum Perfoliatum is a plant...
Ferrum Phos fevers

F is for Ferrum Phosphoricum

F is for Ferrum phosphoricum, the sixth letter of the alphabet in our series of Homeopathic ABCs for The Mauimama. A-E can be found...
Enneagram relationships

The Enneagram as a Tool to Help in Relationships

The Enneagram can be used as a powerful tool to help understand yourself and others through this challenging gamut we call life. Ennea (nine)...
Raspberry leaf tea

Utilize Mother Nature’s Gifts ~ Raspberry Leaf Tea

I truly believe that the only way to guarantee a healthy mom and baby is to utilize Mother Nature’s gifts. There are many wonderful...
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