Eupatorium perfoliatum

E is for Euphatorium Perfoliatum

Continuing in our series of ABCs of homeopathy for mothers and children, we have arrived at E for Euphatorium perfoliatum (Eup-p.). A plant remedy...
Drosera Homeopathy

D is for Drosera

Drosera rotundifolia is also known as the round-leaved Sundew and belongs to the Droseraceae family, a family of insectivorous plants found growing in Europe...
Chamomilla homeopathy

C is for Chamomilla

Happy New Year! Chamomilla is our third remedy in The Mauimama’s series, ABC’s of Homeopathy for Acute Home Healthcare for you and your family....
weather wind colds

Winter Weather, Wind & Colds

Even though we live in Hawaii, we still experience winter weather and the inevitable colds and flus that come along with it. From a...
Benefits of belladonna

B is for Belladonna

Belladonna is our second remedy in The Mauimama’s series,  ABC’s of Homeopathy for Acute Home Healthcare for you and your family. Long known to...
mama seld care

Self Care for the Soul – A Mama’s Healing Journey

As moms we all know that we need to take care of ourselves. “Yeah, yeah, I know,” we all say. Right?!! But our days...
Arnica benefits

A is for Arnica Montana

This is the first installment for The Mauimama’s ABC’s of Homeopathy for Parents and children’s home healthcare. In this series we will explore a...
Kids Acupuncture Maui

Happy & Healthy Keiki with Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

National Institutes of Health reports that millions of adults have used acupuncture to treat a variety of conditions from low-back pain to insomnia. However,...
mamaki benefits Hawaii

Mamaki: The Ancient Hawaiian Medicinal Plant

Mamaki is an ancient medicinal plant revered for its healing properties and was the scared plant used by ancient Hawaiians. It is a leafy...
Neurofeedback brainpaint EEG

EEG Biofeedback – A New Technology for Maui

There’s a new technology on island that has significant results with people who haven’t responded well to psychotherapy, recovery groups or inpatient/outpatient facilities. The...
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