breadfruit food nutrition Maui

The Very Versatile ‘Ulu (Recipe)

Breadfruit or ‘Ulu (in Hawaiian) has a long and storied history throughout Polynesia. Volumes could be written about its uses and cultural significance. Unfortunately,...

How To Keep Your Produce Fresh For Longer

I am a lover of fresh organic produce, and since I am now in a one-member household, I need to keep it fresh longer....
Harriet Witt moon


Our power as women is rooted in our moon’s moonthly orbit around us. Originally our calendar months were actual moonths -the time our moon...
Jaborandi homeopathic ABC

J is for Jaborandi

Jaborandi is the tenth letter of the alphabet in our series of ABC’s of homeopathy for Mauimama magazine. Jab. is the abbreviation used in...

SPIN into the New Year

Did you ever get to a point in your life where you really took a long, hard look at yourself and began to think...
Plantain holistic medicine

For Spider Bites – Go to the Weeds

How a common weed found in most Hawaiian driveways can help alleviate spider bites
Essential oils benefits

Essential Oils: Emotional and Physical Support for You & Your Family

Essential oils are simple aromatic chemical compounds taken from the roots, stems, bark, leaves, and flowers of plants.  These oils protect plants from environmental...
Raspberry leaf tea

Utilize Mother Nature’s Gifts ~ Raspberry Leaf Tea

I truly believe that the only way to guarantee a healthy mom and baby is to utilize Mother Nature’s gifts. There are many wonderful...
straight teeth invisalign

Straight Teeth Are Not Just For Looks!

Nice teeth can make for a great smile, but there are many other reasons for correcting crooked or misaligned teeth. Over time misaligned teeth wear...
micrograms new fast food

Microgreens – The New Fast Food!

We all know that the traditional “fast food” culture of In and Out, on the run, does not paint a pretty health picture.  Obesity...
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