Lice Clinic Maui

Lice Clinic of America – Hawaii

Did you know that head lice, also known in Hawaii as “ukus,” has caused kids to miss up to 24 million school days per...
tantrums parenting

How Can We Gain a New Perspective on Tantrums?

You’ve heard it, seen it, and probably even experienced the amazing power of a child’s temper tantrum. While it’s a common misconception that tantrums...
Roots School Maui

A letter from a former Roots student

Dear Mauimama reader! I am Grace Wylie. I was a student at Roots School in Haiku for 1st-8th Grade, and now I am a junior...
Neurofeedback brainpaint EEG

EEG Biofeedback – A New Technology for Maui

There’s a new technology on island that has significant results with people who haven’t responded well to psychotherapy, recovery groups or inpatient/outpatient facilities. The...
montessori Maui middle school

New “Digs” for Adolescents at the Montessori School of Maui

Tell people you work with seventh and eight graders and almost certainly your audience will pipe in opinions about the young teenager. You may...
Hawaii Technology Academy

Have You Heard About Hawaii Technology Academy?

Choosing an educational path for your child is a weighty decision. There are many important factors to consider. Do I want a five day...
Kid Zone Maui

Sport Teaches Children More than Fitness!

Sports instruction can help a child to develop a solid understanding of how to learn movement. The relationship between the “mind understanding”, and the...
Montessori Hale O keiki

Montessori Hale O Keiki Expands with Help from a Rockstar!

Montessori Hale O Keiki (MHOK) started in 1991 with a mission to stimulate young minds, support creative thinking and encourage self-motivated learning.  MHOK leased...
Creating Life-long Readers

Creating Life-long Readers

As parents one has a great influence on how our children develop and learn. Helping our children to read and foster a love of...
baby teeth chart

Top Natural Teething Tips

Top Natural Teething Tips: Teething occurs when your little baby’s first teeth are getting ready to break through the gums and come in. This can...
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