motherhood autism parenting

When Your Child Beats to a Different Drum

Two years ago I came to terms with my theory that my young daughter was a recluse, hated crowds, had anxiety, and hated to...
extra ocular vision

Extra Ocular Vision Training ~ Brain/Mind Development

Extra Ocular Vision (EOV) is the name given to a Nuevo-ancient training centered on teaching children how to expand their intuition and develop their...
tantrums parenting

How Can We Gain a New Perspective on Tantrums?

You’ve heard it, seen it, and probably even experienced the amazing power of a child’s temper tantrum. While it’s a common misconception that tantrums...
Neurofeedback brainpaint EEG

EEG Biofeedback – A New Technology for Maui

There’s a new technology on island that has significant results with people who haven’t responded well to psychotherapy, recovery groups or inpatient/outpatient facilities. The...
Kid Zone Maui

Sport Teaches Children More than Fitness!

Sports instruction can help a child to develop a solid understanding of how to learn movement. The relationship between the “mind understanding”, and the...
postive male role models

Positive Male Role Models Rock!

“Children really do learn what they live. Not having the perspective of older people, they consider whatever their family is like as their “normal.”...
child development biting behavior

What Does it Mean When Your Child Bites?

Biting behavior in young children can cause concern for parents and child caregivers. Almost all children bite at one time, but most children will...
Child development music brain

The Baby Mozart Hype

I will admit I believed all the hype about the supposed baby “Mozart effect,” that is, that listening to classical music helps to develop...
kids age appropriate chores

Age Appropriate Chores

It wasn’t until this Mother’s Day, just gone, that I realized that my six year old could wash the dishes! I heard the water...
boisterous play child development

Why Boisterous Play Can Be Essential to Child Development

When kids are rough housing, we as parents often stop it incase someone gets hurt or it looks too violent, but this play can...
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