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An Important Opportunity to Have Our Voices Heard

Maui Politics- Election season is upon us. A grassroots movement towards political change has been sparked by dissatisfaction with corporate influence on our public policy....
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What Kind Of Future Are We Leaving For Our Children?

When my wife became pregnant, a lot of things flashed through my mind, but a main question was, “What kind of future are we...
Tamara Paltin Terez Amato

TWO Maui Mamas Empowered to Take the Lead!

Great women in politics are coming out in force to take Maui in a new direction. Two Maui mamas in particular, both environmentally conscious...
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Honor the Suffragists!

Voting Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Are you registered, Maui Mama? Well then, it’s time to get out that vote! As you all likely...
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You Can Make A Difference!

Holy Propaganda! If you have been living in cave you may have missed the ads, but if you haven’t you may be asking the...
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