Common Ground Collective

Common Ground Collective

Common Ground Collective (CGC) is a local up and coming non-profit, who is working to boost local food production and economic opportunities in Maui....
Maui Women of Excellence Awards 2018

Maui Women of Excellence Awards 2018 ~ Nevertheless, she Persisted

For a woman to be seen by her community is a gift. Many work hard behind the scenes, give everything they have to build...
Maui women's group

S.I.S.T.A.H. Project

‘A’ohe pau ke ‘ike I ka halau ho’okahi - All knowledge is not taught in the same school. This Hawaiian proverb passed down through...
Grade Maui Council

Let’s Keep OUR Maui Programs Funded!

As we journey through life the challenges and stresses we face are many and varied. We don’t necessarily know, nor can prepare for, all...
Maui Community Yoga

Maui Community Yoga – FREE Yoga Twice a Week on Maui

“Yoga is an ancient science designed to liberate the mind.” - MC Yogi. Imagine yourself seated in complete freedom; no one to be, nowhere...
Kind Kids USA Maui

Kind Kids Project

It was mid-morning in Maui, Hawaii, September 2016. I’m driving in my car when the idea came to me. For the past eight months...
Haiku volunteer Maui

The Importance of Volunteering in Your Community

Throughout my life my parents volunteered for everything. Were they busy? YES! Did they have time for it? No, not really. But, somehow they...
Smart Meters Hawaii

Are Smart Meters such a Smart Idea?

Smart meters are coming into your home if MECO/HEI has its way. I say “into” your home because, even though most utility meters are...
MRSA Maui support

Maui MRSA Support Group

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) has become a global pandemic that kills more people than HIV alone in the US. My first symptoms came to...
Maui Rat ungwaorm disease

Rat Lungworm Disease on Maui or “Clean all your Veggies”

“Eat all your veggies” we say to our children. Veggies and fruits are an important part of every diet providing countless vitamins, fiber, antioxidants...
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