Foster care Maui

Celebrating May as National Foster Care Month

I always wanted to have a child. I figured one would be enough, as I’m from a small family and it seemed like plenty...
Potty boot camp Maui

“Something Terrible Happened to My Child”

When a Maui mama messaged me that her 17 month old child had recently attended a training camp for toilet readiness here on Maui,...
Team Trucker Maui boy cancer

The Trucker Dukes Story: An interview with Shauna Dukes

Trucker Dukes, the youngest son of Maui fire fighter Joshua Dukes and Maui jewelry maker Shauna Dukes, was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma, a...
Cane burning clean air keiki

Clean Air For Keiki

The other day I was reading an article about meditation and HA breathing that offered an interesting definition of “Hawai’i” - HA, meaning breath...
Keiki GMO Monsanto

GMOs & What We Can Do As Mothers!

As a mother of a beautiful little girl, and a resident of this beautiful island, few things worry me more than Genetically Modified Organisms...
Monsanto chemical spray Kihei

Maui Big Ag’s Chemicals 101

The photo above was taken of a chemical spraying record sheet posted in a Monsanto field in North Kihei, Maui. Monsanto is not required to...
Jenny Bissel Maui Health

Pesticide Exposure in Children

“Pesticides and children are a dangerous combination and the effects of pesticides on children will last a lifetime of physical and mental health problems....
shaka movement aina warrior

You Can Make A Difference!

Holy Propaganda! If you have been living in cave you may have missed the ads, but if you haven’t you may be asking the...
Big Island Hawaii

What the VOG!

The Hawaiian chain was created by the earth’s crust moving over a hotspot on the earth’s mantle. The Pacific plate moves at about 32...
Fukushima radiation food eradicate

Fukushima Fallout & The Foods That Can Help

How a slight change in diet may help protect against elevated radiation levels.
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