Hawaiian history Annexation

To Move Forward We Must Know Our Past

The Hawaiian Islands were first discovered by a group of ocean navigators from the Marquesas Islands around 300BC. It has been documented that there...
climate change children

Beginning the Climate Conversation with your Family

By now most people understand that we are facing the most serious existential catastrophe of our lives, and the planet’s, due to...
Common Ground Collective

Common Ground Collective

Common Ground Collective (CGC) is a local up and coming non-profit, who is working to boost local food production and economic opportunities in Maui....
Maui women help

Women Helping Women Transition Program

Since the seventies Women Helping Women (WHW) has steadily grown into a non-profit agency that now provides a comprehensive range of services to over...
Bulungi Beads

Bulungi Beads, A Beautiful Way to Give Back

Do you love being part of something meaningful? Bulungi Beads is a collection of paper bead jewelry handmade by hardworking women from Uganda, Africa....
Christina DeHoff Ke'eaumoku

Ka’apuni Ku’e Kakou Na Moku Aina

Ka’apuni Ku’e kakou na moku aina or the Torch March was mainly steer-headed by an initiative our Maui Kupuna (elders) have been involved in...
Maui sea level rise

Climate Change & Sea Level Rise on Maui

Climate Change is real. The Hawaii Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Adaptation Report published over one and a half years ago included...
Maui Women of Excellence Awards 2018

Maui Women of Excellence Awards 2018 ~ Nevertheless, she Persisted

For a woman to be seen by her community is a gift. Many work hard behind the scenes, give everything they have to build...
Maui Farm women support

The Maui Farm ~ Empowering Families. Cultivating Lives.

As the sun shines at The Maui Farm, a mom named Heidi and her two young daughters are chasing butterflies with a net. To...
Mani Pono Maui

Who is Mahi Pono? Q & A with Allison Hoiberg

I met some folks from Mahi Pono when they came to the island in January and left that meeting hopeful for Maui’s agricultural future....
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