Drink driving Maui

The Need to the Reduce the Driving Blood Alcohol Level to...

Every death on our roads is a tragic loss causing overwhelming grief for the victims’ families. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is...
Kaneohe Beach Maui family activity

Know Your Rights to Beach Access on Maui

Sea level rise is not the only thing that is eroding our shorelines or access to it. Lately there seems to be...
Maui water quality

How Clean is Our Maui Beach Water?

We watch happily as our babies and toddlers splash, and our older kids swim, surf and paddle, in the ocean. 
Maui sea level rise

Climate Change & Sea Level Rise on Maui

Climate Change is real. The Hawaii Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Adaptation Report published over one and a half years ago included...
climate change children

Beginning the Climate Conversation with your Family

By now most people understand that we are facing the most serious existential catastrophe of our lives, and the planet’s, due to...
Maui Food Bank

Give Healthy to Maui Food Bank

Access to healthy foods is important to the health of Maui County. We are seeing the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease...
Glitter toxic eco-conscious

Re-evaluate Your Glitter!

There are so many symptoms of imbalance in our weather, environment and in the overall health of humankind. Thankfully, I believe we...
Josh Father Maui death


I follow my feet, they lead me down a path to the cliffs’ edge. I like the thickness of the grass....
Amanda Eller found

We Love You Amanda!

Coming down from Haleakala after a morning hike to Rainbow Bridge, we listened to Trevor Hall’s song, “Haleakala.” Amanda introduced me to...
poi maui schools

New Initiative Brings Poi to Maui Schools 

A In April, Kahului Elementary School cafeteria manager, Perry Yadao, accepted a delivery of 10 pounds of poi from kalo farmer, Bobby...
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