Maui family activity free bike path

Trucks, Planes & Bike Paths

Discover the bike path behind the airport which starts at sStable road and ends at Kanaha Beach Park.
Maui Ocean Center Maui activity

I Don’t Want To Fry My Baby!

When you have a newborn the sunny weather can make some of your activities challenging, that's when I discovered that the Maui Ocean Center was a great activity to do that limits sun exposure.
Tropical plantation Maui activity

The Maui Tropical Plantation

The Maui Tropical Plantation sits on 60 acres at the foot of the beautiful West Maui Mountains.
Makawao Forest reserve maui activity

Makawao Forest Reserve

In a land where half a gallon of milk is $5 (tip: organic milk 1% is sold at Costco for less than $4 a...
trick o treat Maui dad

Make Fright Night the Right Night

Halloween for dads - Halloween is coming. You’re a father now. The days of running around throwing toilet paper in the trees of your...
activities Maui dad

The Dadderday Files, Part II

CONTINUED…Activities dads can do with their kids on Maui. 4. Park and Play: Kids love going to the park, and Maui scores big here too....
surfing Maui dad

The Dadderday Files

Before we had children, our good friends Sue and Raphael described to me about their practice of having “Dadderdays.” Dadderday, they explained, can be...
Summer explorers MHOK

South Maui Summer Explorers

Do you remember your summers as a child? I remember hot days, lots of swimming, having fun with my best friends outside in our...
Maui family activity

Bike Park Maui

If you recently overhear folks talking about “the Hobbit” or “Pog”, it might not be Middle Earth and juice they’re describing. Quite possibly they’ve...
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