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If you recently overhear folks talking about “the Hobbit” or “Pog”, it might not be Middle Earth and juice they’re describing. Quite possibly they’ve visited Bike Park Maui and are discussing the fun trails and amusing names there.

Just below Makawao, the 80+ acre property offers riders of all ages an opportunity to experience mountain bike riding, Maui style. The park’s trails wander through beautiful scenery and farmland, as well as forests with allspice, lilikoi and macadamia nut growing wild. Some of the routes offer a roller coaster-like experience and include man-made featured jumps and wooden tracks designed to entertain every level of rider.

All the trails are graded for difficulty and clearly marked. Out on the trails, colorful gateways and signs provide plenty of guidance, to make finding your way around easy and fun. While some riders seek the adventure of the Park’s seven miles of trails and 200 ft of elevation change, many prefer to stay “at the top” and practice at the skills area and jump courses.

To visit Bike Park Maui, enter and check in at the UliUli farm stand at 3275 Baldwin Ave (just downhill from the Maui Veterans Cemetery). You can purchase a day pass if you bring your own bikes or you can easily rent a top-quality mountain bike. They have rental bikes for all sizes even some small enough to accommodate kids as young as six years old. Hours are 10am -5pm every day, weather permitting. Day-pass prices are $10 for youth, $15 adults (call to confirm current rates). Discounts are available with annual passes or for parties of 10 or more. Call (808) 740-8405, visit or for more information.

Image Credit: Maui Bike Park

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